World Council for Body Psychotherapy

What Has been Already Done for WCBP?

I believe that the idea to unite the knowledge of East and West is worth our efforts. My vision is to contribute to this great idea by uniting Body Psychotherapy (BP) in the world, what is my professional field. I hope that it will reduce alienation and bring us back to true self.

To achieve communication between eastern and western BP became much harder task than I had expected. The problems in this branch of psychotherapy are specific:

  1. BP is missing its general theory. There are lots of partial theories, but no adequate synthesis.
  2. European-centrism and Western-centrism. Attitude that knowledge begins only with Greece. Nothing relevant existed before. Knowledge is guarded only in center of the West.

There is a split between psyche and soma, mind and body. BP are trying to heel this splitting, but their voices are too weak.

  1. Eastern traditions are actually having Unity of mind and body, but are blocked with conservatism. For those who want to do Training in BP there is lack of possibilities.

It has been few years since 2003 when WCBP founding. I was sending training plans and programmes, but have no possibility to come to the East to continue practically what I started in this sense in Sagar and Haridwar in 2003. But some new tehnological solutions are giving hope.

These years I have been working a lot in West trying to explain the problem and to involve colleagues in finding a solution. I have been developing sensitivity for WCBP problems. Things are slowly moving. We should continue.

Ljiljana Klisic, PhD