World Council for Body Psychotherapy

Working Plans


WCBP was founded during WCP conference organized by Asian Federation for Psychotherapy in India, Sagar in November 2003. The founder is Prof. Dr. Ljiljana Klisic with colleagues all-round the world: from India, China, Russia, Nepal, Europe, America, Yugoslavia – Serbia, etc.


WCBP is established for the purpose of accomplishing the following aims and tasks:

- to recognize the psychotherapeutic profession as a separate profession and body- psychotherapy as a legitimate branch of psychotherapy in the whole world;
- to maintain educational standards and regulations;
- to maintain ethical standards of the body-psychotherapeutic work;
- to advance the professional practice and encourage research and development in the science field of body-psychotherapy;
- to act as an accrediting organization for World body-psychotherapists;
- to promote the interests of qualified practitioners of body-psychotherapy in the whole world, without discrimination, and the interests of training schools and institutes in Body- Psychotherapy, and of professional associations of Body-Psychotherapists.
- to support publishing of scientific and research papers in the field of body-psychotherapy;
- to cooperate with related organizations according to the law;
- to monitor the practice of its members and the application of ethical codes of the profession;
- other aims which originate from the aforementioned aims. 

Taking into account the interests, needs and rights of its members and in order to accomplish the afore mentioned aims and tasks, the WCBP will implement the following programme activities: 

- organize the professional contacts, network, congresses, seminars, professional meetings, workshops;
- publishing and distributing professional journals, books, information, scientific studies, and other publications concerning the professional development of Body-Psychotherapy according to the law;
- supporting individuals and institutions employed in the aforementioned areas, by means of contact with public services, legal agencies, associations and institutions;
- providing training opportunities, seminars and a forum for exchange of scientific theories and experiences.
- organizing advanced seminars, congresses and engagement in research.
- defining standards for training and qualification in world, which are in accordance with the regulations and standards set by the World Council for Psychotherapy - WCP, European Association for Body-Psychotherapy - EABP, EAP, USABP, and similar organizations.
- cooperate with related national and international organizations;
- undertake other activities so as to accomplish the aims defined by these Bylaws;

The WCBP provides funds, professional and other help, and all other necessary conditions through which the aims and tasks are to be accomplished.